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Internationally renowned chandelier services

Enjoying an enviable reputation, we are the leading specialist in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America, for the cleaning and restoration of chandeliers.

Our many prestigious clients include Royal Palaces, Castles, Stately Homes, Government Establishments, leading Hotels and other exclusive locations throughout the UK and Europe.

We hold contracts in Embassies and leading institutions throughout the world including the United States of America including Presidential Homes and Government Buildings.


We install winches in a wide variety of applications.  The most common of which is where access to the fitting is extremely awkward.  This is mainly due to the height of the fitting.  In the Health and Safety conscious world we now all live in, being able to bring the fitting to ground level as opposed to erecting a scaffold tower up to the fitting is a much safer and easier option.

The location in which a chandelier or heavy fitting is to be installed must first be surveyed for safety and ease of maintaining the fitting for future servicing.

We are suppliers and installers of specialist winching equipment. At the time of survey, the loading of the chandelier would be calculated to a minimum 4:1 safety factor.

Hand Operated Winches.
A winching system comprises of 4 major components explained below:

Winding Unit.
This is the section that is bolted to the wall via a steel plate and move the chandelier up and down via a winching handle.  These winding units come in three Safe Working Loads (SWL) comprising of 250kg, 500kg and 750kg.  These are Oil Bath Self Sustaining Winding Units - For smooth running and operation, especially useful with Crystal Chandeliers.

Pulleys direct the cable from the winding unit to the top of the contact suspension unit.  These also come in a variety of  sizes, to accommodate different weights.

Wire Rope.
The wire rope winds onto the drum of the winding unit which ultimately connects to the top of the chandelier.

Electrical Contact Suspension Unit.
This component comprises of two parts, the male and the female.  The male section is attached to the top of the chandelier and it winches up and down with the chandelier.  The female section is housed in the ceiling, directly above the chandelier.  When the chandelier is winched up into position, the male section connects with the female section, to complete the electrical circuit and light the chandelier.  When in its locked position, the lowering and raising wire rope now becomes the back-up secondary safety system.

New winding units and wire ropes installed by Chandelier Group
Diverter pullies
Special steel fabrication.