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Ultrasonic Cleaning

Internationally renowned chandelier services

Enjoying an enviable reputation, we are the leading specialist in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America, for the cleaning and restoration of chandeliers.

Our many prestigious clients include Royal Palaces, Castles, Stately Homes, Government Establishments, leading Hotels and other exclusive locations throughout the UK and Europe.

We hold contracts in Embassies and leading institutions throughout the world including the United States of America including Presidential Homes and Government Buildings.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

The Chandelier Group are pleased to offer the most advanced chandelier cleaning technology, known as ultrasonic cleaning, to our clients. This highly technical process is carried out by expert metal-framed chandelier cleaners or crystal chandelier cleaners as appropriate in order to produce the best quality results possible.

Do you want your chandelier to sparkle and shine as if it had been just been created? If so, we can ensure that this is the case. Our crystal chandelier cleaners are able to use the ultra sonic technology to ensure that your chandeliers look brand new, by removing years of ingrained dirt.

Glass components are placed in a cleaning tank which then has high-resolution ultra sonic waves passed through it. Chandelier cleaners supervise as the glass is then passed to a rinsing tank, followed by a desalination tank. All the cleaning solution and rinses are subsequently fully removed, leaving a crystal clear finish.

Chandelier owners will be interested to note that the whole process takes place without the glass being touched. It is only at the very end, after the desalinated rinse, that the components are placed in a drying cabinet for the final drying by chandelier cleaners. This ensures the best possible outcomes in terms of shine, clarity and resolution, thus creating a highly pleasing end result.

Metal-framed or crystal chandelier cleaners know that ultra sonic cleaning results in the removal of great quantities of dirt, leaving the article looking as good as new. Rest assured that our experts will ensure to clean to only the most suitable extent for the age of the piece, and thus leave the patina on the glass.

Employed by high profile clients all over the world, The Chandelier Group’s reputation for excellence is an assurance of their ability to provide you with all the chandelier services you require. With a highly-trained team of craftsmen and security staff on board, your chandelier will be in the safest of hands. The Group is covered by international insurance and we provide all the safety and access equipment required, whatever the location. Hence, using our services will be a worry-free experience for any customer, whatever the task in question.

Before & After Crystal Ultasonic Cleaning Service
Before Ultrasonic Cleaning Service
After Ultrasonic Cleaning Service