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Chandelier Cleaning


Internationally renowned chandelier services

Enjoying an enviable reputation, we are the leading specialist in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America, for the cleaning and restoration of chandeliers.

Our many prestigious clients include Royal Palaces, Castles, Stately Homes, Government Establishments, leading Hotels and other exclusive locations throughout the UK and Europe.

We hold contracts in Embassies and leading institutions throughout the world including the United States of America including Presidential Homes and Government Buildings.

On-site Chandelier Cleaning

The Chandelier Group is able to offer you an accomplished and proficient chandelier cleaning service. We employ highly trained personnel who are fully security cleared to carry out all of the work. In addition, staff are PASMA trained, certified for working at heights and have experience in on-site chandelier cleaning around the world.

We are able to offer crystal chandelier cleaning, wall light cleaning, the cleaning of metal-framed chandeliers and wall lights, and the cleaning of modern fittings and lanterns. Our processes are finely honed to suit the requirements of the particular chandelier – there is no one-size-fits-all approach at The Chandelier Group.

During the chandelier cleaning process, whether it is crystal chandelier cleaning or any other type of chandelier maintenance, we will steadily dismantle each piece of glass from the chandelier. This means that only the stem and frame remain to be cleaned in situ.

An environmentally friendly, alcohol based cleaning fluid, which is specially made for The Chandelier Group, is then used to clean the frame and stem. After this process is complete, each of the glass components is cleaned and carefully hand polished before being lovingly reassembled. We do not endorse the spraying of chandeliers and fittings because this can cause severe damage to electrical wiring, together with metal damage.

In addition to providing this thorough metal or crystal chandelier cleaning service, we also carry out an inspection of the condition of wiring and components. Should we find any faults, we will be sure to present this information to you in a written report, post haste.

The Chandelier Group endeavours to provide you with a stress-free chandelier cleaning service. Wherever you are in the world, we will bring all the safety barrier and access equipment required. We also have worldwide insurance, which means that our activities on site are fully covered.

With a reputation for excellence wherever we go, The Chandelier Group has over 35 years of experience in the chandelier industry. We strive to provide an outstanding service to each and every one of our clientele. Satisfied and returning customers include royal palaces, castles, government embassies and institutions, leading hotels, stately homes and the presidential buildings of the United States of America. We employ highly professional and highly qualified craftsmen to provide the services which see our customers returning year after year. Why not try our services yourself to find out why?



Onsite Chandelier Cleaning Services
Meadowhall Shopping Centre before Cleaning
Meadowhall Shopping Centre after Cleaning

Services: Chandelier Cleaning, Oniste Cleaning, Crystal Cleaning, Crystal Clean Chandeliers, Ultrasonic Cleaning

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