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Bespoke Chandeliers

Internationally renowned chandelier services

Enjoying an enviable reputation, we are the leading specialist in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America, for the cleaning and restoration of chandeliers.

Our many prestigious clients include Royal Palaces, Castles, Stately Homes, Government Establishments, leading Hotels and other exclusive locations throughout the UK and Europe.

We hold contracts in Embassies and leading institutions throughout the world including the United States of America including Presidential Homes and Government Buildings.

Bespoke Chandeliers

If you are looking for bespoke chandeliers, you will probably be choosing between the unmatched brilliance of crystal chandeliers, perfect for sumptuous ballrooms or banqueting halls, glass chandeliers which work well in smaller but still stately settings, or the more durable, yet still beautiful, metal-framed chandeliers which suit more domestic venues.

Whichever chandelier design you choose, you can rely on The Chandelier Group to design and manufacture bespoke chandeliers to your specific requirements, using only the finest materials and the most highly skilled chandelier designers.

Manufacturing takes place at our head office in England and consists of a detailed planning and creation process, which fully takes into account the client’s wishes.

With clients based at a variety of exclusive, prestigious locations around the world, our reputation for chandelier design is unmatched in terms of quality, originality and attention to detail. By choosing The Chandelier Group, you are ensuring that your chandelier design will catch the eye of every important visitor and create an air of elegance, romance and timelessness in your venue which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

As well as their reputation for excellence, The Chandelier Group endeavour to make the design and installation process as simple as possible for you. With worldwide insurance and the ability to transport safety and access equipment to any location, installing your bespoke chandelier will be no trouble at all.

Bespoke 9 meter Swarovski Crystal Chandelier By Chandelier Group
Bespoke 9 meter Swarovski Crystal Chandelier By Chandelier Group
Bespoke 9 meter Swarovski Crystal Chandelier By Chandelier Group

Services: Bespoke Chandeliers