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Why It is Important to Care for Your Antique Chandelier

Chandelier in living roomAntique chandeliers are rare finds and can be priceless. Most people usually come across them in estate auctions and specialised stores, but it’s not easy to find one of good quality and with a reasonable price tag. However, if you do find one of these priceless fixtures, you need to look after them and make sure they remain in a good condition for a long time. Antique chandeliers are built to last and, with the appropriate care, you’ll never have to worry about replacing them.

Why Is Proper Care Important?

Cleaning and maintaining chandeliers isn’t an easy task; so it’s understandable why people choose to postpone the chore or forget about it entirely. You could hire a professional to get the cleaning done, but that can prove to be expensive. Here are some reasons why you need to roll up your sleeves and get cleaning:

Price and Resilience

Crystal and antique chandeliers are usually very expensive, and they can be quite delicate too. The older they are, the more delicate they can be, because craftsmen of that period didn’t have access to the knowledge and technology to build sturdy chandeliers, like modern craftsmen do.


If you don’t maintain your chandeliers and ensure they’re sturdy, they can fall and cause significant injuries, especially if they are large and heavy. It’s important to examine the chains and the support system that holds the chandelier and make sure it can withstand the gravitational force.


Poorly maintained chandeliers don’t look good, which defeats the purpose of having the fixture in the first place. People purchase antique chandeliers because of their beauty and elegance; and they want to show them off. If they aren’t maintained well, the crystals will become stained over time as the dust and grime accumulates on top of it. If you let it linger for too long, you might not be able to completely remove the damage.

Air Quality

The accumulated dust and cobwebs on chandeliers can compromise the air quality of the room and that can have an impact on people who’re prone to allergies. A simple dusting and cleaning on a weekly or monthly basis ensures the dust won’t gather on the chandelier and float down through the air to cause health problems.

The Value of Chandeliers and Why You Should Maintain Them

Antique chandeliers have inherent value and if you maintain them well, you maintain their value. Here are some reasons why you should be concerned about the state and value of the chandelier.

How to Care for Your Antique Chandelier

Age Increases Value

The beauty of antique items lies in the fact that the older they are, the more valuable they can be. If your chandelier is maintained well and functions properly, that will add to its value. After all, a hundred year old chandelier is more valuable than a 50 year old one, especially if it’s unique in some way.

Ability to Resell

The condition of the chandelier will have an impact on your ability to sell it and whether you recover your money on it. Even if you don’t intend to resell your chandelier now, you should consider maintaining its value because you may consider selling it at a later date. A good chandelier would fetch you a tidy sum if you’re in need.

It’s understandable if you’re nervous about cleaning your antique chandelier yourself because it can be very delicate and you don’t want to accidently break it. If you aren’t too confident about doing a good job, it’s best to get it professionally cleaned once or twice a year. That would help you maintain the value of your antique fixture. Professionals will also repair any flaws and problems they find before they cause big problems.