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Why Chandeliers Never Go Out of Style

Interior design trends constantly wax and wane. Something that was on trend a few months ago, can quickly go out of style and no longer be in vogue today.

People are becoming increasingly experimental with the type of décor and interior features they choose for their homes or commercial spaces. There are a number of new materials, furnishing, and décor products on the market today. And the lighting space too has kept abreast of modern trends. All of these impact the modern home maker.


Manufacturers of lighting fixtures outdo themselves when it comes to bringing to market stylish and modern features. Marquee lights, track lighting, and low-slung pendants are all the rage. But interestingly, classic lighting elements like chandeliers have stood the test of time. A beautifully crafted crystal chandelier never goes out of style.

More than just light, this feature adds instant grandeur, and sparkle with a smidgen of glamour to any space. While French rewired antique chandeliers are a class apart, there are numerous budget options that can uplift the look of your home or commercial setting. Let’s take a look at what makes chandeliers so special and why they have a quintessential appeal.

1. Chandeliers are Versatile

In modern-day settings, people look for versatile lighting options. Chandeliers complement the aesthetics of living and dining rooms as well as foyers, porches, restaurants, and hotels, even the main foyer/lobby on cruise ships! Today, many of these spaces have open floor plans. This makes it necessary to have lighting fixtures that complement the styling and design of multiple areas.

Contemporary chandeliers have moved beyond dining rooms, entryways, and foyers. In fact, they can be found just about everywhere in residential settings. They look as charming in a living room as they do in a bedroom.

In fact, luxury homes sport modern chandeliers in bathrooms and walk-in wardrobe areas as well. A dramatic, cascading glass chandelier can uplift the appearance of a cottage-style kitchen. These features are truly versatile; they allow you to push the boundaries of interior design in any space.

2. Chandeliers are Stylish and Elegant

Classic and conventional chandeliers have an elegance that’s hard to ignore. They look sophisticated and add to the aesthetics of well-planned interior spaces. It is still possible to find chandeliers in elegant old designs and traditional crystal styling. However, the lighting world is right in step with modern architectural and interior design trends.

You will find vintage and antique-inspired chandeliers cheek-by-jowl with luxe, modern designs in lighting stores. These modern and contemporary design features have created numerous options and offer a new wave of lighting styles for your ceiling.


With impressive LED suspensions, abstract & asymmetrical waterfall designs and rustic-modern shapes, there is a chandelier for every type of space. It isn’t difficult to put artwork on walls. But installing a beautifully structured lighting element in a well-designed interior space adds charm and charisma to a room.

3. Chandeliers Don’t Have to Cost the Moon

We now know that it isn’t difficult to find a chandelier for every room and every style. However, there are a number of other factors that come into play while redecorating your home - your budget is one of them. The good news is that there are chandeliers to fit just about any budget. Long gone are the days when only nobility and well-heeled folk could afford these fixtures in their homes.

While it’s true that some crystal chandeliers can be extremely pricey, there are options right the way across the pricing spectrum. You don't have to compromise on design, elegance, and style just because you choose not to splurge on a designer chandelier. With a little bit of research, you would be able to find a chandelier that’s easy on your pocket.

4. Chandeliers Have an Everlasting Appeal

The reason chandeliers never go out of style, is because there is absolutely no competing with them on the visual plane. Ceiling spotlights can be boring, while track lighting doesn’t complement every home style. Wall sconces look great but provide sufficient illumination only along the periphery of a room.

Pendant lights may not fit into the aesthetic of every home or office. But there’s something special about chandeliers. Interior designers everywhere make these fixtures their top choice while designing residential or commercial spaces for their clients. Some people wonder whether a chandelier would fit into the aesthetic of their modern-style homes.

Over the years, chandeliers have evolved in a big way. You can still find traditional style crystal chandeliers in modern-day lighting stores, if that’s what you prefer. However, there are also a range of new materials and designs to choose from. You can opt for chandeliers in styles such as:

  • French Rococo - Ornate
  • Craftsman - Natural
  • Art Nouveau - Vibrant and bright
  • Modern - Clean and crisp lines
  • Minimalism - Monochromatic color schemes & basic shapes

As you can see, there is no dearth of chandelier styles to choose from. These features look great in modern and contemporary styled homes and commercial establishments. When it comes to ceiling lights, there really is nothing to beat the beauty and elegance of a chandelier.

It adds drama to any space and can uplift the look of even the most simplistic interior decor. Whether you want to create a romantic ambience in your bedroom, or a more vibrant effect in a luxury resort, you are sure to find a chandelier to suit your needs.

Chandeliers - The Perfect 21st Century Lighting Solution

No matter which way you look at it, when it comes to 21st-century lighting concepts, chandeliers are the way to go. They can become the focal point of the room or blend in perfectly with other lighting features in that space. If you want to make a style statement in your home or impress customers in a commercial setting, consider getting a chandelier installation.

These lighting features are a perfect fit for all types of design aesthetics. When something works, we don’t delve into the ‘whys’ and ‘how’s’ of it. Rather, we find ways to incorporate it into our lives as an intrinsic aspect of our culture. And when the feature is something as elegant, beautiful and perfect as a chandelier, it will never go out of style!