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Why Buying a Second-hand Chandelier is Worthwhile

Chandeliers are intricate, beautifully designed, and grand. Even the smallest and simplest chandeliers of good brands require some skill and time to create, which is why most of them may seem expensive.

You can reduce the cost by buying a used or second-hand fixture instead of getting a brand new one. But is buying a second-hand chandelier a good investment or will a new chandelier provide better value for money?

This article can hopefully answer that question and help you make the right purchase decision.

Why second-hand chandeliers?

Classic-Antique-ChandelierNew chandeliers do have some advantages. They’re not as worn down as older fixtures, they come in modern designs, and are made for modern electrical systems.

However, they can also be very expensive; unless you purchase a good-quality branded chandelier, you won’t get much value for money.

So here are some reasons why second-hand chandeliers are a great choice:

1.  Affordable

Second-hand chandeliers can be affordable, especially if they’re not vintage, and just a decade old.

Some of these fixtures are available at less than half the original price so there’s potential to save a lot of money on the item.

Just make sure you take time to understand the true value of the chandelier before you make a purchase as there are many duplicates and cheap chandeliers sold in the market.

2. Vintage feel and design

Second-hand chandeliers can sometimes be several decades old; vintage pieces can even be 100-years old. They have a classic appeal and some of them can be exquisite.

Older chandeliers are also more likely to be handcrafted and intricate, so they will definitely add to the beauty of any room.

3. Unique pieces

Handcrafted chandeliers are often one-of-a-kind, so you aren't likely to find a fixture of similar beauty and design elsewhere.

If you want a reasonably-priced chandelier that isn’t generic in design, consider a vintage, second-hand chandelier. When buying these, make sure they function properly and aren’t damaged.

4. Quality and durability

Well-made chandeliers can last for decades, if not centuries, especially if they’re maintained well.

Vintage second-hand chandeliers have withstood the test of time and you can find pieces that have aged gracefully, which makes them a very reliable purchase.

You know an older chandelier will last for a long time because it’s strong and has already withstood many years of use.

All newly-manufactured chandeliers available on the market don’t offer the same assurance. While well-known brands do provide warranties, you can’t be certain of generic brands and it’s a good idea to buy a good, second-hand chandelier at a lower price.

5. The “halo” effect

Classic-chandelier-resizedThe "halo" effect is the increase in resale value caused by who has owned it before. Consider the famous Rolls-Royce owned by the Beatles.

If sold at auction today, it would not simply be as valuable as any other Rolls-Royce of its time and in similar condition. people will pay more for it, simply because of the fact that it belonged to the Beatles.

On its own, its garish colour scheme is likely to put many buyers off. But because that colour scheme is inspired by their Sgt. Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band album, instead it attracts buyers.

Now, the identity of the previous owner can increase the value of a chandelier, just like that Rolls-Royce. For example, a chandelier previously owned by Elvis Presley can easily sell for a very high price.

You just need to make sure you have genuine proof of ownership that can stand up to legal scrutiny. The additional cost is dependent on the seller’s ability to provide a proof of ownership.

6. Number of options

You can get chandeliers of different colours, designs, styles, and sizes on the second-hand market as well.

You just need to browse through more websites, look at garage sales, and explore other shopping platforms to find your perfect fit .

A little bit of research can lead you to a unique and valuable chandelier available at a bargain price.

7. Investment piece

Some chandeliers increase in value or retain high value as they age. People love old and worn beautiful pieces that have a classic appeal and have been around for decades.

It’s a way to connect with a bygone era and that gives vintage chandeliers a lot of value. If you maintain your chandelier well and ensure it is in a good state, you can sell it at a good price down the line.

How to find the best antique or second-hand chandelier

The right chandelier can be an investment piece but you need to be careful during purchase. There are many replicas and dishonest sellers who might try to sell the fixture at a higher cost. Here are some suggestions that will help you buy the best second-hand chandelier:

  • Make sure the seller is reliable and communicate with them on a trustworthy platform that protects the buyer’s interest.
  • Examine the chandelier personally before committing to a purchase. Gently aged and worn chandeliers will give your home a rustic charm, but damaged ones won’t last long. Make sure the chandeliers don’t have any visible cracks, breaks, and dents.
  • Check the quality of material and the construction of the chandelier. Even chandeliers that look good and are maintained well can be a poor investment if they aren’t constructed well.
  • Take time to negotiate the price because most sellers will expect a certain amount of bargaining and set the price accordingly.
  • Get proof of vintage or value before you purchase. For example, if the seller claims the chandelier was manufactured in early 1920’s, ask for proof or supporting documentation before investing in the fixture.
  • Consider the height and size of the chandelier before buying. If the fixture is too big, it can easily overwhelm the design of a room and become an obstacle. Some people only consider the value and investment without considering how the chandelier will fit into their home and that can prove to be a problem during the installation process.

Most people don’t put in much thought when they go out to buy a chandelier. They just walk into a store, browse through a collection, choose something that suits their taste and home design, and make the purchase.

That can be a mistake, especially because good quality chandeliers are expensive and poor quality ones don’t last long. It’s a good idea to explore your options to understand the pros and cons of all available chandeliers before buying anything.