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Why a Cheap Chandelier Is a False Economy

ChandelierNo matter how wealthy people are, they can’t resist a sale or an affordable deal.

People love to save money wherever they can, especially if they want to add decorative elements to their home and are on a limited budget.

Unfortunately, more often than not, you get what you pay for. If you purchase a cheap chandelier, you have to compromise and deal with problems that come with low build quality and bad materials.

Before you rush into a decision and make use of that deal, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t purchase cheap lighting fixtures.


Good quality chandeliers might look fragile and delicate, but they’re often quite resilient. They can withstand the heat from the light and won’t break as easily if accidents happen. Cheaper alternatives are usually made from low-quality plastic-like materials, which means that they’ll warp over time as they’re exposed to heat from the bulbs. They’ll also wear down and break more easily, so they’ll just be a waste of money.


Low-cost chandeliers look cheap, no matter how well-designed they are. When people look for affordable chandeliers online, they find beautifully photographed pieces available at very low price. This persuades them to make the purchase, even though it’s not a wise decision.

When they see the cheap chandelier in person, however, they immediately understand why it’s priced so low. Good quality chandeliers often look and feel expensive, even when you see it from a distance. The quality of the materials, design, and the structural integrity of the fixture justifies the price you pay for it.


Cheap chandeliers are notoriously unreliable. Candle ChandelierLinks can snap, crystals can fall, and the bulb holder can stop functioning in low-cost pieces because they’re simply not well-made. You really don’t want them to hang over kitchen counters, dining tables, or even your heads because if they fall, you risk a concussion or worse. If your chandelier has many small bulbs and some of them stop working, the effect would be ugly and uneven.

Good quality fixtures are built to withstand the force of gravity and endure some wear and tear. The metals are coated with rust preventing solutions that would ensure they last for a long time, and you don't have to worry about bits and pieces of good quality chandeliers falling off and causing damage either.

Purchase Protection

Good quality chandeliers are manufactured by well-known responsible companies who offer some form of purchase protection like warranties, replacements, and repairs. If your chandelier is damaged in some way, the company will repair it and replace any missing crystal or glass. This extends the life of the chandelier, so you won’t have to purchase another one unless you want to for a very long time.

Design Choices and Quality

With cheap chandeliers, you have limited choice when it comes to designs. Most of them are poor replicas of products made by well-known designers that won’t offer the same look and feel as their more expensive counterparts.

With chandeliers in general, it’s important to choose a design that fits in with your overall décor and cheap products limit your options - you can’t find the best possible fit unless you’re willing to spend a little more. It’s better to install no chandelier than to install something that doesn’t fit in with the decoration of your property.

As you can see, cheap chandeliers are a bad financial decision. It’s better to purchase a good quality one and pay a little extra than to purchase something that won’t last and would cause problems down the line.

Good quality chandeliers aren’t too expensive and you’ll find many affordable and worthwhile ones in the market. All you need to do is choose a product from a reliable company or get advice from a professional on the matter.