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What Are The Most Popular Types of Chandeliers?

The Most Popular Types of Chandeliers

Chandeliers have been around for thousands of years, and several distinct categories or types have developed in this time.

But just like with all things, they do go through fashions, and the type of chandelier most popular two hundred years ago may well not be the case today.

Or even twenty years ago.

And this can be down to a number of different factors. New materials may become available, or simply available at more cost effective rates. Manufacturing improvements have also meant that materials can be used in different ways too.

dining-room-with-multiple-chandeliersStyles and taste change too, but what has made a massive impact on chandeliers includes the way electricity became commonplace in the twentieth century, and the way that the world is now trying to be more environmentally aware.

So, you can categorise these fixtures based on the style or materials used, and we do have a separate article about the types of chandelier available, which you can read here, but this is about the most popular styles of chandelier available, so let's look at that.

Here's a look at the most popular types of chandelier currently:

1. Crystal Chandeliers

When people think of chandeliers, crystal chandeliers are what most people picture in their minds.

These fixtures are ornate and intricate.

They are made of crystal components that have bulbs in them. Crystal chandeliers are ideal for classical or traditional architecture, but can also be used in modern, minimalist rooms to add a touch of character.

Because they're good for so many settings, it does make them very popular.

One word of warning though, in case you're using this article to help you decide about your own chandeliers, and want to go for popular ones, crystal chandeliers won't fit into all kinds of rooms, so it is essential to make sure you choose this style after careful consideration.

They can appear ostentatious and overwhelm a room.

So, they're popular, but not for every type of room.

2. Shaded Lights Chandeliers

Shaded chandeliers have features similar to lampshades surrounding individual bulbs.

Think of them as small lamp shades that sit at the tip of every arm of a chandelier.

These features are often smaller in size but have larger bulbs and can be quite bright.

They are ideal for smaller rooms that need more light, like kitchens or even bathrooms. They are a little too simple to be a part of large, grand rooms and are better suited to be an accessory rather than the centrepiece in larger spaces.

Which is precisely why they're popular. You would use them when not wanting a big crystal chandelier in a certain type of room, but also because you may want more than one of them if they are only to be accessories.

A restaurant, for example, may have many of these spread out across a large area.

3. Candle-Style Chandeliers

This design is probably the oldest chandelier style available today. Before electricity was harnessed, people used to have light fixtures with candles to brighten a room.

Chandeliers developed around this purpose, and the designs became more intricate over time. These fixtures have a simple, elegant, and timeless design. They're ideal for rustic, cottage-style homes and Mediterranean inspired decor.

And this is where they become popular.

The fixture has multiple arms with candlestick-like components at the tips. These candlesticks have a small bulb at the top to replicate a candle's flame. This type of design doesn't fit in with all architectural styles, but it can add a touch of class to traditional-style spaces.

4. Drum Chandeliers

A drum chandelier is modern, sleek, and minimalist.

It is shaped like a drum with a light in the middle.

This fixture throws a diffused glow and lends a warmer look to a room and creates a mellow atmosphere.

Drum chandeliers are rarely the primary, fixed light source and can be an excellent addition to bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and especially children's rooms.

Again, this is why they are very popular. If you have a medium to large house, with a number of bedrooms, you could want several of these in your home, placing them in each bedroom.

Drum chandeliers designed for children's rooms have exciting patterns and designs. For example, you can find fixtures with cars, flowers, animals, and even cartoon characters printed on them. These features can also be quite sophisticated and are suitable for other rooms as well.

Again, them being able to be so exciting for children is what is making them more and more popular, as people move towards stimulating their infants minds by having an interesting surrounding for them to look at.

5. Sputnik Chandeliers

This chandelier looks just a futuristic as it sounds.

The design is similar to an explosion of light or an atom. There's a ball at the centre with several arms with bulbs shooting out of it in different directions, which creates a fascinating effect.

In most cases, the arms are straight, and the design is geometric. Despite this, the sputnik chandelier is suitable for all kinds of decor.

This design looks modern enough to fit in with an industrial or urban aesthetic, but still has an elegant style that can sync with a classical decor. The Sputnik design is also very versatile so you can find something that suits your home in this category.

Which again makes it one chosen by many people.

6. Empire Chandeliers

If you're looking for something that seems grand and formal, the empire chandelier is an ideal choice.

It has two sections or tiers, with the top being conical or cylindrical and the bottom being bowl-shaped.

These chandeliers are often made of glittering crystals, which makes them ideal for elaborate or ornate rooms.

Empire chandeliers are best-suited for grand stairwells, ballrooms, foyers, or libraries. They're often large in size and somewhat challenging to maintain. If you're into the French aesthetic and want a touch of glamour in your home, this popular choice of chandelier would be an excellent choice for you.

7. Waterfall Chandeliers

A waterfall chandelier looks like falling water or ice crystals. The design is very versatile and available in square, rectangle, geometric, and round shapes. These blend in well with different architectural styles.

Again, this ability to blend makes it popular with many.

Because they mimic the flow of water, they're ideal for rooms that look too static or dull. They are the right combination of elegant and organic, which means they can fit into all kinds of places. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a light fixture for your bedroom or the bathroom, this will work.

These are some of the most popular chandelier styles available in the market. You also have the option of choosing different materials like wood, metal, glass, crystal, wrought-iron, and even antlers.

restaurant-with-multiple-chandeliersGlass and metal are the most popular chandelier material options available, and while crystals are the most expensive, because chandeliers can often be more of a luxurious home item, those that want chandeliers can often afford the higher end of the market, and thus does not affect its popularity.

Wood chandeliers are both ideal and popular for people who like rustic or organic designs, and are environmentally aware. They're also quite resilient and don't require as much maintenance as crystal or glass chandeliers, which is another reason that they are popular.

As you can see, chandeliers are versatile lighting fixtures, and there's something out there for everyone, and everywhere.

While you're looking for an ideal fit, consider factors like your budget, interior design and architecture, and personal style preferences.

If it is going to be in your home, it is usually an idea to go with something that you like, rather than just because it is popular. You're the one that is going to have to live with it all the time...

You're sure to find something that is just right by blending a mix of what's popular with others and what you personally find attractive.