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The Benefits of Chandeliers

People today prefer minimalistic and clean designs so it’s not surprising that they find chandeliers to be a little too ostentatious. Many assume these lighting fixtures won’t fit in their contemporary homes and choose different lights. You don’t need to because chandeliers offer a number of benefits that other fixtures don’t, and some of them are listed here.


Beautiful ChandelierNo other lighting fixture can compete with the beauty of chandeliers, even though lampshades do come close. But although designers usually use the colour and tone of the lights to add beauty and warmth to a room, that only works when the lights are switched on. Without light, however, even lampshades tend to look bland and boring.

Chandeliers, on the other hand, are pieces of art that attract attention and add beauty and elegance to a room even when they’re switched off.

You can improve the appearance of a bland, plain looking space with the help of a stunning and intricate chandelier. It can become the centrepiece that attracts attention and becomes the focus of the décor of your room.

Saves Space

Lighting fixtures, like lamps, tend to take up a lot of space and disrupt the flow of the room. Chandeliers don’t do that because they’re hung from the ceiling and are entirely out of the way. You get adequate amount of light without using up your floor or table space.


Chandeliers create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in any room that conventional ceiling and wall lights can’t really provide. The crystals and glass in chandeliers reflect and refract light, which causes it to spread out through the room in different patterns. These lights create a warm glow rather than harsh, focused light that you get from other fixtures.

Regardless of the design and shape, chandeliers also add a touch of elegance to a room, which makes it more inviting and attractive. If you want to soften the harsh lights in your office or conference rooms and make the space look less formal and cold, all you need to do is add a chandelier.


Ceiling ChandelierOne of the biggest problems with traditional chandeliers was the fact that they would only fit in with a particular kind of design. Ornate crystal chandeliers won’t look good in modern, urban décor apartments and homes, after all. Thankfully, chandelier manufacturers have branched out and introduced new designs and shapes.

They also use different materials like blown glass and metal that offer more versatility than traditional crystal chandeliers. Modern chandelier designs can be everything from quirky and eccentric to elegant and minimalistic.

There’s no shortage of choice available and, unlike other light fixtures, chandeliers come in different shapes, styles, designs, and sizes. You can choose something that blends in with your overall décor and looks like a natural part of the room.

Save Your Drywalls

Wall lighting requires you to drill holes in the wall, so every time you redecorate or want to change things, you have to fill these in once again. This can be cumbersome, not to mention that it will also weaken the walls. With chandeliers, however, you don’t have to worry about your drywalls because they’re hung from the ceiling and don’t take up space on the walls. You won’t have to repair and refinish them every time you want to change something.

If you choose the right chandelier, it won’t appear ostentatious or over the top, so don’t hesitate to install one in your home of office. You just need to choose the right fixture for your overall design and architecture to make it work. There are many articles available online to help you with this, or you can ask a lighting or interior design expert for advice.