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How to Choose the Right Chandelier for Your Bedroom

A bedroom is a great place to install a chandelier because you can enjoy the soft, dispersed light when you’re not in the mood for something bright and intense. Chandeliers can also create a wonderfully relaxing environment in your room and help you relax after a hard day’s work. These fixtures can add beauty and elegance to your room, but you need to choose well in order to get the right results.

Why should you consider placing chandeliers in your bedroom?

Chandelier in bedroomSome people hesitate to place a chandelier in their bedroom because they think  these fixtures are better suited for living rooms. However, modern designers encourage people to install them in unconventional places, like bathrooms, kitchens, and studies. In comparison,  the bedroom is a very tame choice, and the effect can be stunning. Here are some reasons why you should install your chandelier there:


A ceiling can be a blank space that creates an imbalance in the design and flow of the room. One of the best ways to add interest and dimension to the space is to install a chandelier.


Chandeliers actually serve a good purpose in bedrooms. They can provide soft, dispersed light that would allow you to read or even write, without creating a very harsh environment. Most modern designers recommend installing such mood lighting in bedrooms.

Save Space

Because these light fixtures hang from the ceiling, they don’t take up too much space. Table lamps and floor lamps will eat up your floor space and make your room seem smaller and more cluttered. A chandelier can give your room a cleaner, most organised feel.

How to choose the right chandelier for your bedroom

Not all chandeliers will complement your bedroom well and add to the design, however. Some might stand out like a sore thumb and be a hindrance. Here are some tips that would help you choose the right installation for your room’s architecture.

Measure the room

Before you purchase a chandelier, always make sure to measure the dimensions of your room and make note of the breadth and height of the ceiling. When you shop for chandeliers, you can mention these dimensions to your salesperson and get their advice on the appropriate size of your chandelier.

Consider the height of the chandelier

You need to take your bed into account when you purchase a chandelier. There should be at least 8 feet of distance between the surface of the bed and the lower tip of the chandelier.  You can determine this by considering the height of the latter.

Flat chandeliers for low ceilings

You don’t have to forgo chandeliers if you have low ceilings. You can just install something that’s flat and small rather than tiered and tall.

Chandeliers for small rooms

It can be difficult to purchase a chandelier for a small room because youChandeliers for small bedrooms don’t want it to overwhelm the space and make it feel cluttered. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t install one at all. Here are some tips that would help you choose the right one for small rooms.

Simple designs

Simple and bold designs work well for smaller rooms. Instead of a large and intricate chandelier, you can choose a modern and minimalistic one. This would add elegance and dimension to your room without making it feel cluttered.

The right materials

Materials like blown glass and wood are ideal for small rooms. Brass and metal chandeliers also work well but small beads and crystals can be too noisy for small rooms.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to install chandeliers that complement the overall design of your room. The fixture wouldn’t be an eyesore that nags you with its presence when you’re trying to sleep.