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How To Add Light and Charm to Your Child’s Bedroom

Designing a child's bedroom can be enormous fun as it allows you to express your creative side in a way you can't often do in the adult living spaces! Creating welcoming and comfortable indoor spaces is a lot about choosing the right furniture and materials, picking the right color wall paint and adding functional and aesthetically appealing features and installations. Lighting is also a very important aspect of home design- and it's just as important in your child’s bedroom as anywhere else in the house.

Most homeowners ensure that they have some form of accent lighting and mood lighting installed in the living room and their master bedroom; but don't always realize that their kids’ rooms can also benefit from the right type of lighting fixtures and planning. Let's take a look at how lighting affects the overall ambience of your child’s bedroom and what you can do to add charm and cheeriness to this space.

Kid's bedroom chandelier

Functionality and playfulness wrapped in one

Just as you design the furniture and décor based on the age of your child, the type of lighting you install will also be dependent on this factor. For instance, if you child is very young, you can opt for lighting fixtures that have a hint of playfulness in them. Today, there are a number of designer lighting companies that manufacture lighting fixtures that have been specifically designed for children’s’ rooms. Lighting that has a playful sensibility adds the interest quotient to your kid’s room.

However, even as you choose this type of lighting, you should make it a point to ensure that the fixtures are functional as well. Add some task lighting if your child is older and attends school. They will need some light at their desk, in addition to any other novelty lights you include in that room. There are a number of benefits to installing the right type of lighting in your children’s bedroom, such as:

• It will promote sleep (most kids prefer to have a night lamp of some kind and don’t like complete darkness in their room)
• It will allow them to read at night if they choose to
• They can play comfortably when they have a well lit room
• The lights can complement your kid’s room décor and various favourite things they have there
• It will make your kid’s room more inviting and cosy

Types of lighting for kids’ bedrooms

As mentioned earlier, just like all the other rooms in your house, your child’s bedroom will also need different types of lighting. Let’s take a detailed look at what these fixtures are:

• Overhead light. It’s a good idea to add at least one ceiling light or a few downlights. These are important fixtures and are suitable for play and other general tasks. Some companies manufacture fan fixtures that have ceiling lights incorporated into them. These are unique in design and are an excellent option for a more compact room, where there isn’t too much space for a central ceiling light fixture and a fan.

• Chandeliers. You can create a very whimsical and unique look in your child’s bedroom with the addition of small chandeliers. Today, you will find there are a large number of chandelier varieties and styles to choose from; these fixtures could be made from materials such as crystal, glass, wood, aluminum etc. You can choose the type of styling you like and something that fits in perfectly with the décor of your child’s room.

Kids' bedroom fairy lights• Fairy lights. These are always a great addition to a kid’s bedroom. You can buy fairy lights in colors your kid likes, and string them around mirrors or cabinets - or create a den with them, as shown. If you like, you can also string them around the periphery of the bed. That way, they can still keep these installations switched on at night, without having to worry about the light shining right into their eyes. They are an excellent option if your child likes to have some light in their room when they get to bed.

• Speciality night lights. These are essentially very low light fixtures that are specifically designed for night use. These could be in the shape of animals, stars, planets or figurines.

• Lights with dimmers. There are times when your child would need more light in the room, like when they are playing or reading something; but the overhead lights can sometimes be too bright, especially if your kids are taking a nap in the evening or are getting to bed at night. Having dimmers installed with these lights allows you to reduce the brightness when you like. This will help create a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the room and your child will feel very secure with the dim light in the room at night. You can get dimmers installed even if there are special night lights there.

• Nightstand lighting. Whether your kid is old enough to read in bed, or you read your child bedtime stories before he/she goes to sleep, having proper bedside lighting is crucial. This light is also within easy reach of their bed and they can reach to it when they want to go to the bathroom at night or need to get a glass of water.

• Desk lighting. Most children’s bedrooms have desks in them, which they use for completing their homework or assignments. You would have to get some task lighting fixture for the desk. Ensure it’s proportionate to the size of their desk and that it provides sufficient illumination, so they don’t strain their eyes while studying.

When you are purchasing lighting fixtures that are especially designed for kids’ bedrooms, choose those which have an ergonomic design with easy switches, styling and structure. This will ensure your child’s hands won’t be able to get dangerously close to the light globe.

Make sure your child’s bedroom has a good mix of ambient and task lighting in interesting forms and shapes; this will add charm and light up your child’s bedroom. While children may not be very vocal about appreciating the lighting fixtures you have chosen for them with so much love and care, they will be more comfortable and happy in their well-lit room, which is well worth the effort.