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How Organisations can Use Chandeliers to Make an Impact

Every business operates in a very competitive landscape today. Attracting new customers and retaining old ones is about creating the right impression. Interior décor, both subconsciously and consciously, influences people’s perception of the places they enter. It also has an impact on the energy levels, moods and emotions of people working in or visiting your establishment.

Chandelier-in-auditoriumLighting is an integral aspect of any interior design plan. Having the appropriate lighting on your commercial property is crucial to creating the right ambience and setting. Your choice of décor will represent your company’s ethos and standing. For example, if you run a large corporation, the décor and furnishing in your offices need to represent your professionalism and standing in the industry.

In a luxury resort or on a cruise liner, the installations and features need to be elaborate and have a touch of opulence in order to wow guests. Restaurants too need to focus on lighting to create the right mood on their premises. Regardless of the industry you operate in and the business you run, lighting is something you cannot ignore. This is where chandeliers come in. These features are extremely versatile and fit perfectly into all types of commercial settings.

Why Install Chandeliers On Your Commercial Property?

The foyer is the most vital part of the customer, client or guest introduction, as it’s the very first touch they have with your business. This makes it important to focus on choosing comfortable furniture to create a welcoming area. But the best décor and most impressive furniture will lose its impact without the right type of lighting to support  and highlight it.

Chandeliers are a great addition to any space. Contrary to popular belief, these features aren’t always made of tiered crystal settings. Once believed to be a staple of swanky dining rooms and ritzy homes, chandeliers now illuminate and dazzle some of the most unexpected settings.

You will find these lighting fixtures adorning the foyers of 7-star hotels, swanky resorts, large corporate office entryways, cruise liners as well as more niche restaurants too. Because we always tend to look slightly up or straight ahead when we walk into any space, it’s possible to use a beautifully crafted chandelier to make a strong statement about your business.

About Chandelier Styling

Today, there is an impressive variety of chandeliers to choose from. They are available in every possible design style, ranging from traditional and Victorian, to rustic, modern-rustic to contemporary, neo-classical and more. This means, regardless of the style your commercial space is designed in, you’re sure to find chandeliers that complement the aesthetic of your office, restaurant, hotel etc.

Different Types of Chandeliers

chandelier-in-st-petersburg-russia-place-of-worshipIf we go by definition, a chandelier is essentially a large hanging light fixture with a framework that supports several lights. But these fixtures certainly don’t all look similar. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and price ranges. The primary types of chandeliers you can choose from include:

  • Candle - A conventional chandelier that will have candlestick-shaped bulbs fitted on five or more arms.
  • Candle with shades - This fixture is quite similar to candle chandeliers, but each arm will have a shade.
  • Glass - This may be with or without arms and is made of glass.
  • Crystal - This classic style is made of numerous dangling crystal prisms. These chandeliers come in a variety of styles, from contemporary and industrial to rustic.
  • Caged - A cage-shaped metal frame with lights within the globe. Some caged styles feature a shade, crystal, or candle in the center.
  • Beaded - Strands of glass beads, shells or wooden beads are used in this feature.
  • Drum - A round chandelier that is similar in appearance to a snare drum. Metal or fabric are commonly used in this feature.
  • Modern - Various modern shapes such as sputnik add an edgy, modern feel.
  • Bowl - This fixture features a glass, ceramic or metal bowl suspended by rods. The light radiates softly down through the chandelier as well as upward.

Aspects To Take Into Account While Buying a Chandelier

Aside from style and design, there are some other aspects that need to be kept in view while selecting chandeliers for your commercial setting:

  • Scale or size - If you are selecting a chandelier for a low-ceiling, romantic restaurant space, you would need a fixture with a shorter height. The feature could be stylistic (based on the restaurant design), but you’d need to ensure it has dimmer controls. This would allow you to create the right ambience in your restaurant.

Choosing a chandelier for an expansive and high ceiling foyer or lobby space would require a different approach. You’d have to look for a piece that’s large and impressive enough to do justice to the high ceiling, without taking away from the aesthetics of the other features in that space. If you buy something excessively small, the chandelier may seem dwarfed by the massive room.

  • Light output - When you have a spread-out office space, with numerous conference rooms etc, you may want to consider opting for multiple chandeliers in the same style or from the same line. This will lend a very cohesive look to the space. Regardless of their size, chandeliers are largely decorative lighting fixtures that are installed to enhance the ambience and style of a setting.

This means, your chandelier isn’t the primary light source and is one aspect of the lighting layers in the room. However, in larger spaces like foyers or entryways, you have the option to brighten up the area by installing a few smaller chandeliers in strategic locations, to create the impact you want. You can find fixtures that complement the other finishes in your establishment or organization.

Chandeliers – The Perfect Lighting Option

Whether you are looking for lighting fixtures to adorn your foyer, add character to your cruise liner’s ballroom or set the tone in your cozy, upscale restaurant, a chandelier is an ideal choice for making a great impression.

Today’s transitional, modernistic and contemporary lighting styles offer a wide array of options. No matter how or where you plan to install chandeliers, they add elegance and an interest quotient to commercial settings and are a great way to impress clients, customers and guests.