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4 Reasons Why Brass Is the Hottest Interior DĂ©cor Trend

Most people want their home decor to be unique, interesting, and trendy at the same time. It’s not easy to find the right balance between what’s trendy and what’s ostentatious. The one way to ascertain whether the latest trends fit into your personal aesthetic preferences and your home’s architecture is to analyse every trend prevalent in the market.

One of the most current trends in the interior design industry today is the use of different metals to accentuate the decor. Stainless steel and chrome are quite popular because they fit into the modern aesthetic. Copper adds warmth, colour, and a vintage feel, which makes it a perfect fit for classic-styled homes. In recent years, brass has also risen in popularity. Here are some reasons why you should consider brass fixtures and accents for your home:

1. Different hues

Brass is a very attractive and versatile metal. It’s made from a combination of copper and zinc, and the hues from these metals combine to form a fairly unique colour and finish. You can choose between a number of brass finishes based on your preferences and your home’s overall aesthetic. Here are some things to consider:liana-mikah-343238

  • Polished golden hue – Brass can be polished into a warm, deep golden hue that looks sleek and sophisticated without being cold and metallic like steel or chrome finishes. This finish will fit into all kinds of interior design concepts because it doesn’t have a distinctly vintage feel. So if you want to add a little warmth to a modern and urban-styled room, you can use fixtures made with this finish and texture.
  • Polished rosy hue – The copper in the brass mix can give the material a distinctly rosy hue. It’s a little more subdued compared to full copper fixtures, which makes it more versatile and easy to use in different kinds of architectures and styles. The polish on the material can make the colour stand out and shine.
  • Antique finishes – Antique finishes are a little more faded and the colour of the metal doesn’t really shine. But the matte and buffed finish adds a vintage feel to the room and is versatile enough to fit in with modern designs if you choose the fixture and the placement of the fixture carefully.

2. Different design concepts

Brass has become popular because it allows people to introduce a different vibe and design concept into their home’s interiors. If you’re tired of old themes and popular contemporary designs, you might want to introduce some brass accents in your home. Here are some designs and themes that commonly incorporate brass:

  • Classic country interior – Zinc was added to copper to make the material more durable and resilient. This metal was also a little more affordable in comparison, which made it a popular choice in classic country architecture. If you want to incorporate that style in your home, you can install brass light fixtures, accents, and decorative pieces. As long as you maintain the metal well, you can use them for decades without problems.
  • Moroccan interior – Moroccan culture and design, leans heavily on brass features; and adding light fixtures and decorative pieces made from brass in traditional Moroccan style will transform your interiors. If you find the right balance between the fixtures and the decor, you can create a modern Moroccan feel in your home without it being too cluttered or old-fashioned.

These are just two examples but there are many more to explore. Brass is used in Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and other such interior designs too. You won’t have to look far to find something that represents these themes well.

3. Brass lighting

Brass is commonly used in lighting, especially in chandeliers, because it’s a durable, malleable, and resilient material and even the simplest designs look sleek and sophisticated. Here are some lighting options for you to consider:

  • Kitchen pendant lights – Brass is a natural fit in the kitchen as this is a warm room and brass as a warm tone to it. Brass pendant lights strike the right balance between modern design and a vintage feel, especially if they’re made well and hung in the right location. A row of small pendant lights or a single dominant light over the kitchen countertop is all you need to add a sophisticated vintage feel to your room.
  • Brass chandeliers – Brass has been used in chandeliers for a long pexels-photo-253502(1)time, but the material isn’t very noticeable or visible. Modern chandeliers create designs that allow brass to shine and command attention. They make these light fixtures a great fit for all kinds of interior concepts with unique designs and shapes.
  • Floor lamps and small light fixtures – Brass floor lamps and small light fixtures will add the warmth and sophistication of the metal without overwhelming the room decor. If you want something discreet but visible and beautiful at the same time, you can choose these light fixtures for your home.

4. Decorative elements

Brass isn’t just used in lighting fixtures. You can purchase decorative brass materials in many different forms and add them to your room. Here are some options for you to consider:

  • Vases – Brass vases are the perfect way to accentuate a plain looking corner. These vases have a classic and vintage feel to them, especially if they have a visible patina on them.
  • Statues – Brass statues and figurines are beautiful and look delicate but they’re very resilient. Many brass statues and figurines last for decades and even centuries without any maintenance. In fact, the natural wear on the metal can make the piece look even more attractive.

You can also add brass handles and knobs to doors, windows, cabinets, and shelves in order to introduce a little colour to your room. Brass is an interesting and attractive addition to all kinds of homes, especially if you want a vintage look and feel.

You just need to make sure you choose the right fixtures and accessories to fit into your home and comply with your personal preferences. The tips mentioned above can help but if you’re still uncertain, it’s a good idea to hire some professionals to advice you.