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7 Reasons Why You Need a Chandelier for your Dining Room

Great lighting creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any home,Dining Room Chandelier
and enhances the overall beauty of the space. That’s one of the reasons why designers recommend chandeliers, especially in public spaces like living rooms, sun rooms, and dining rooms. In fact, the dining room is the most popular room in which to to hang a chandelier, and has been for a long time. Here are some reasons why:

1. Chandeliers Provide Sufficient Amount of Light

It’s a common misconception that chandeliers don’t provide enough light. These lighting fixtures usually have several bulbs and arms so they provide bright but dispersed lighting.

Chandeliers can light an entire room without making it excessively bright so you and your guests can enjoy a well-lit but relaxed atmosphere in the dining room.

Other modern lighting fixtures don’t provide the same level of bright yet dispersed light, so they can be a little too harsh for dining rooms and social situations.

2. They Provide Light in the Right Direction

Chandeliers are usually mounted on the ceiling directly above the dining table. This ensures that the dining area is well-lit and diners can see their plates, food, and each other without any trouble.

Only ceiling-mounted lights can provide this level of visibility, as wall- and floor-mounted lights only provide the brightest illumination in their vicinity and don't shine directly onto the dining table.

Chandeliers combine form and function by shedding light directly onto the table and adding to the overall beauty of the room.

3. They’re Not Old Fashioned

Some people hesitate to consider chandeliers because they don’t think they’ll fit in with modern decor. In fact, modern chandelier designers don't just stick to classic metal and crystal designs, but experiment with all kinds of materials, including beads, wood, bamboo, wire, metal and glass.

You can certainly find something that will fit in with the modern design and architecture. Antique and old-fashioned chandeliers can also provide an interesting contrast to the modern design of your dining room.

It’s a good idea to explore all designs before you make your purchase, as an exclusive second-hand piece may have more impact than a new one.

4. Chandeliers are Available in Different Sizes

If you've got a small dining room with a low ceiling, you don't need to give up on your dream of a chandelier.

As previously mentioned, these lighting fixtures come in a variety of designs and many of them are quite compact. Designers create chandeliers based on modern home requirements. They know most people don’t have enough room to mount a large light fixture on their ceiling. Many designers create small and flat chandeliers that can provide enough lighting, look great, and take up very little space.

5. They can be Affordable

Many homeowners consider chandeliers a luxury product, so write them off as too expensive. Of course, high-end pieces by well-known designers can indeed be expensive, but most chandeliers available today are relatively affordable.

They can also be an investment; expensive and vintage chandeliers have a high resale value, especially if they’re made from high-quality material and are unique.

But. you don’t have to break the bank to install a beautiful chandelier in your dining room. If you look in the right place, you’ll find a piece that’s affordable and attractive.

6. You Can Find Some Unique Pieces in the Market

Modern Dining RoomChandelier designers aren’t afraid to experiment with new designs, shapes, and materials. If you want something familiar and beautiful, you can choose regular glass or crystal pieces. However, if you want your dining room to be unique and interesting, you can look for hand-blown, modern and urban, or whimsical chandeliers.

Some of the most unique designs we've seen include an octopus-shaped piece, a chandelier that creates a dead forest effect shadow on the walls, and Medusae pendant lamps that look like jelly fish - so there are plenty of options available if you'd like a quirky, experimental look for your home.

Most homeowners prefer a more traditional look for their dining rooms, but adventurous designs can be fun.

7. Modern Chandeliers are Energy Efficient

Modern lighting fixtures are designed to be energy-efficient and chandeliers are no exception to this. They’ll provide sufficient light to your dining room without consuming too much energy.

You can use LED bulbs to ensure the area near and above the dining table doesn’t become too warm and uncomfortable. For maximum energy saving, look for pieces that are specifically designed to be energy-efficient (as some chandeliers amplify light) then use low-energy bulbs in these pieces.

As you can see, there are many advantages of installing a chandelier in your dining room. They're a natural fit in the dining room and create the right ambience for both intimate dinners and big parties. If you love to entertain and regularly host dinner parties, why not choose a beautiful and bright chandelier to hang over the table? It'll be a great talking point!