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6 of the Most Creative Chandeliers That Make a Statement in Your Home

Chandelier near staircaseDesigners and artists have become very creative with chandeliers in recent years. They understand the interplay between light and shadow and use the latest metal and glass working techniques to create stunning works of art in the form of chandeliers.

These fixtures can easily enhance the beauty of any room and add a unique character to it. If you want chandeliers that can create a statement in your home, you should pick something unique and eye-catching. If you need some ideas, here are a couple of suggestions for you.

Interactive Cloud

If you want something earthy and organic in your home, this interactive cloud chandelier would work well for you. It literally looks like a thundercloud with lightening flashing within. The light can move round in the cloud, creating flashing lights that bring a playful atmosphere to the room.

Octopus Chandelier

People have a strange fascination with octopuses and tentacles. There’s something alien about it that intrigues many; which is why you see octopus designs in so many products these days. An octopus chandelier is a perfect example of an interesting, unique, and adventurous design. It’s definitely eye-catching, but won’t fit into all kinds of décor. However, it’s a great option for people who want to experiment and want something bold.

Wine Bottle Lights

Wine bottles are very pretty and elegant. They also come in many different designs and colours, so it makes sense to use them as a form of decoration once the entire bottle is consumed. The wine bottle chandelier gives a very rustic, yet contemporary feel to a room and it is ideal for kitchens or dining rooms alike. The design is quite simple and safe, so it can effectively complement any kind of décor - it's also great against a plain white, modernistic backdrop because it adds a bit of colour to it.

The Medusae Pendant Shades

Don’t let the name scare you off, because these lights don’t look like Medusa’s head with snakes. The pendant shades look more like jelly fish than Medusa, and are surprisingly dainty and graceful. The soft white shades will add elegance with a unique design to any room. These shades are interesting but they’re not so out there that they won’t fit in with your décor. For all their unique artistry, these pendant shades are very adaptable.

Forest Chandeliers

Forest chandelierThese chandeliers are designed in such a unique way that they cast a shadow of a dense forest on your walls. To some, this forest might look intimidating and even creepy, but no one can deny that the effect is stunning. The chandelier itself is very pretty, even when it’s unlit. It’s a large ball with curling vine-like shapes surrounding the bulb. When the chandelier is lit, these shapes cast a shadow on the walls to give that forest-like effect.

Suspended Brass Rings Chandelier

This chandelier is very modern and contemporary. In fact, it gives a room a very futuristic effect, which makes it a stunning statement piece. The six brass rings of golden light are suspended on thin, almost invisible wires so they look like they’re always floating in the air. The light is soft and imparts a warm glow that contrasts with the design, so it doesn’t look too minimalistic.

These chandeliers will stand out and look great in your home. They’ll add grace to any room; so when you shop for these installations, don’t hesitate to invest in something unique and fun.